Sunday, 10 March 2013

"MahaKumbha Mela 2013"
Its very fascinating to be a part of the largest fair of the World. Its a place of huge gathering of people of different part of the world. The fair is rounded about the Mythological Story of the tug of war between Devtas(Gods) and Ashura(Demons) for the Ambroisia or the Nector or the Amrita Sudha which will provide the Immortality if any one drunk it. In this catchy situation some drops of the Milk Of Paradise was fallen on four places- Ujjaini,Nasik,Haridwar,and Allhabad. Every four years after the mela is organised but they are not called the Purna Kumbha. This Purna Kumbha was fortunately rapt with Allahabad and such situation that is the Sahi Snan on Mouniamabashya comes 144years after. So it was a great opportunity to the people to come to be the part of such greatest show of the Earth. It was started in Sangam of Allahabad in Uttarpradesh from MakarSankranti and ended today with the snan on Shib Chaturdasi. Infact 5 baths were organised and among them 3 are called The Sahi Snan - Makar Sankranti, Mouniambassya,and Basant Panchami. Thus every thing was fine and the Govt of U.P. managed the complete thing with great success. It is assumed that in Mouniamabassya the gathering reached near about 6.5 corers. And in the avg. it was 3 corers. The management was fine and control of the Police was excellent. For the KumbhaPhoto 2013 very soon I am going to publish the photo blog...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Tour To Puri

The tour to Puri is a fascinating experience as I completed the 3rd time tour, but it becomes everlasting to me. Puri by the side of Bay of Bengal is known for the sea and Jagannath Temple, but it is more than that. The site scenes are marvellous as you will find The SunTemple in Konark, Chandravaga seabeach, Lingaraj Temple, Nandankanan, Udaygiri, Khandagiri, Dhabalgiri Chilka etc. What is more important is your hotel booking there first of all. You may search the hotels in Google and can make a direct contact with them. Most of the people prefer the Swargadwar place infront of the sea, but it will be wasting of money cause the sea is always beautiful in daylight.We recommend the CT ROAD area cause it is clean and not conjested. The beach is called here as Silver seabeach. The same sort of pleasure you will find here also,rather more. We took the hotel HOLIDAY HOUSE and it is a nice accomodated place. The manager, Mr.Binodbihari Tripathi is a very fine and amicable person. He solved our all sorts of hazzards with smiling face. You may contact him in this no. 9439231418. You may refer also my name as your assitance. Remember donot book any travel agency  or pandas there. If you ask him, he will manage it as he manage it to us even in the season time i.e. in DECEMBER/JANUARY. Take 4days tour. 2days for site scene, 1day for only bathing and marketing, 1day for the puja to JAI JAGANNATH. The pics of the hotel and the manager is also given in my Puri Album. Try to avoid the MOONLITE RESTAURENT and HOTEL BLUE MOON because they are very poor in food and rash in behaviour. It is situated beside the road to sea you will go. If hire the private car donot give more than Rs.5000/ for 2days outing in season. We have hired a Winger of 12seated car. In any temple donot take any flower or make any worship according to the pandas, they will destroy you. Remember from the CT ROAD to SWARGADWAR the auto will charge Rs.50/ An auto can take the load of 7/8 people. Must burgain at puchaging. In KONARK you may take your launce in NEW TRIPTI RESTAURENT(A/C). Its food and manner is fine but economy. In CHILKA the DOLPHIN SHOW depends on your luck. But if you want to see minutely the works, try to avoid CHILKA. Must visit also the GOLDEN SEABEACH, LOKNATH TEMPLE, ADWITA ASHRAM, OMKARESWAR TEMPLE with Tripathy ji. The room cost will be 800 to 1000(non a/c delux) in season time, otherwise Tripathy Ji may provide you free of cost....????? Anyway take a short package tour from HOWRAH by JAGANNATH EXP, PURI EXP, DAURANTA, and so many. Watch photos in the album and descriptions in the YouTube videos of nirupam74 and nirupamroy74 chanells.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Tour To Chilapata,Nalrajar Gar,Mendabari,Dimdima picnic spot in Rajabhatkhwa

Friends, Very shortly a description of a great tour will be published with pics and videos in this blog, till then keep in touch with me...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Aout Tufanganj Railway Staion

Friends, recently I have visited Tufanganj Railwy Station with my friends. It looks great in the night, colourful and decorative.It is already prepared for the journey, only after the occational inaugaration. You can view its pictures in my slide show in the same name. Even I have prepared a small video on it for my youtube chanel - nirupam74. It will start its journey probably from January 2012 as reported. It is also assumed that UTTAR BANGA EXP. will start from here,though the news is in pending condition,but undoubtedly the railway connection MAYNAGURI-YOGIGOPA provides the inhabitate of Tufanganj a good opportunity for better development. The importance of the place will be increased surely. The linkage with NEW COOCHBEHAR is already completated and the trials are already made. So waiting for the good news is very nearby.